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This blog is for posting recipes I've experimented with while teaching myself to cook. Some I have taken from my favorite recipe books, others are purely my own experimentations. My audience is usually just my husband, my toddler daughter, and I and we are living on a tight budget. Sometimes you might find a splurge.

Hopefully you'll find something here that you like!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sesame Chicken Stir Fry (Sainsbury's Experiment Night 10)

Sesame Chicken Stir Fry
(from Sainsbury's)
Serves: 2
Per Serving:410cals; 15g fat

1 tbsp cornflour
1 egg white
2 skinless chicken breasts, thinly sliced
2 tbsp sesame seeds
for frying sunflower oil
1 x 270g pack oriental vegetable stir fry
a splash each of soy sauce and toasted sesame oil

1. Whisk the cornflour and egg white until smooth, then toss with the chicken to coat.
2. Remove and toss with the sesame seeds. Heat a shallow layer of oil in a nonstick pan and fry the chicken for about 5 minutes until cooked and golden all over. Set aside.
3. Tip off most of the oil and cook the vegetables according to pack instructions.
4. Return the chicken to the pan.
5. Season with the soy sauce and sesame oil. (Good with rice or noodles.)

Note: Our chicken was substituted by Sainsbury's, so instead of the chicken breasts, we were given chicken tenders. These worked out really well, because I didn't need to slice up chicken or anything. I just had to dredge, coat, and cook.

We also added an extra yellow onion and a courgette (zuchinni), because I like to have my vegetables be the main attraction on dishes like this. I also made some basmati with egg rice for my husband to eat with this and he LOVED it.

This dish was easy, delicious, and we will definitely be cooking it again.